Permanent Recruitment

Recruitment for permanent placement has been our bread & butter for the past 12 years. Our approach guarantees talent placements success and ensure an amazing recruitment experience to all recruitment stakeholders (candidates, hiring managers/committee and HR/TA focal people).
Our recruitment process starts with an in-depth company understanding, including your company goals, organizational structure, vision, mission, culture and teams’ dynamics. For each requisition we manage the end-to-end recruitment cycle powered by technology and that provides you with data and analytical insights which serve you talent acquisition goals.
Our recruitment process is a true advantage that enables your business to secure the top talents in your market through our advanced tools, network and talent pools.

Our permanent recruitment service offers different options:

  1. Contingent recruitment: Beneficial for companies who are looking to fill hard-t-fill, just-in-time roles, also who have limited number of open positions in specific time
  2. On demand recruitment/Project hiring: Beneficial for companies who have more than 10 positions to be filled within a specific time frame or period of time.
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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

You can outsource a full recruitment department as a service. What’s in it for you?

Recruitment process outsourcing is like hiring at once an amazing team of experienced Senior, Mid-level talent acquisition consultants and recruiters, with access to all the resources needed to reach deliverables (Wide and updated database, premium subscription to the top regional job boards, outstanding referral program…) without handling the burden of fixed operating costs.

Executive Search

Our Executive Search process starts with understanding your strategic framework: vision, mission, goals, strategy, business performance VS forecast, and business philosophy. How your company is structured, your key business processes and your strategic challenges are also key to refer added value leaders.
We rely on several pillars that ensure a strong fit; some of these are: Technical skill sets, industry/sector experience, leadership ability which is underlined by a set of behavior required by the role dealing with the various stakeholders (teams, colleagues, board, governmental bodies…), cultural fit, data-driven mindset leaders, adaptability, and influential.
Our network includes top performing leaders with proven learning and leading experience, who have also proven records of reliability, and pick up on eco-social signs. The pool also includes executives across all functions and industrial verticals in UAE and the Middle East.
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UAE & KSA are among the leading countries committed to the welfare, development, and inclusion of local talents across the Public and Private sectors. At RecrutiMe Plus, we have been nurturing relationships with local talents and supporting them in landing promising opportunities taking in consideration their skills sets, aspirations and cultural fits.


Hiring hasn’t been any easier!
Being your employer of record you don’t need to worry about onboarding, hiring, local labor laws regulations of your personnel. We manage it all while being compliant and ensuring an amazing employment journey to your employees.
We employ your employees on your behalf while ensuring compliance with local laws and employment liabilities. Choosing the right Employer of Record (EOR) reduces dramatically your set up costs.
We ensure your contracted employee is in good-hands, compliant and has access to all his/her due compensation and benefits in a timely manner
We handle Statutory registrations, Visas & work permits, Payroll Outsourcing, Benefits administration (including medical insurance…), Exit formalities. We help you outsource your HR functions for your employees in UAE, Qatar, Egypt, Kuwait, Lebanon, KSA, Jordan, and Iraq

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Did the business situation force you to terminate a number of employees? Show them gratitude!

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