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About Us

Welcome to RecruitMe Plus! Based in Dubai and serving the UAE, KSA, and the Gulf region, we help you achieving your growth plans by matching you with top performers Sales and Commercial Executives.

We specialize in recruiting experienced and knowledgeable Sales professionals within the digital transformation landscape in key industries like Fintech, Retail, E-commerce, Consumer Goods, IT Services, and Home Delivery. 

Our team is driven by accountability and professionalism, ensuring a compelling recruitment journey for all stakeholders since 2011. We pride ourselves on being key contributors to the success of our clients, ranging from SMEs to medium-sized businesses and large enterprises. Equally, we are committed to matching our candidates with companies that have great visions and align with their aspirations. 

Should you choose to work with us, here’s what to expect:

Expert Guidance: We provide insights into market and industry trends.

Tailored Job Descriptions: Customized to meet your specific needs.

Competitive Benchmarking: Industry & market-specific compensation and benefits analysis.

Quick Results: Get a shortlist of qualified candidates within 4-6 business days.

Vast Network: Access to our extensive database and referral network.

Excellent Service: We ensure a smooth and responsive recruitment process for all parties.



Recruitment for permanent placement has been our bread & butter for the past 14 years.

Being your employer of record you don’t need to worry about onboarding,
Our Executive Search process starts with understanding your strategic framework:



At RecruitMe Plus, we have been recruiting for start-ups & established companies in the financial technology & payment technology sectors. Our expertise covers recruiting across executive management, sales, marketing, software engineers, and product managers professionals with hands-on experience across the Middle East and Europe.
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We’ve been helping our clients- Digital Marketing agencies & retailers and brands owners through their e-commerce journey excellence by hiring the top talents in the below fields across the UAE and the Middle East:
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We have been working with a great variety of companies from the growing enterprises to large corporations in the Middle East supporting them in placing Senior Management Teams members, head of departments & businesses, Customer Experience Directors, and client facing roles through single hires or mass recruitment.
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IT services

We understand your business needs and recruit top tech specialists within the areas of: Software Engineering & Development & Product Management, IT Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, Digital Transformation, Big Data & Data Science.
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Home Delivery

We have sourced and hired Bankers and Finance professionals at different levels and in different divisions/departments: of Banks & Financial Institutions: Retail banks, Commercial Banks, Investment Bank, Private Banks, Wealth Mangement firms, Private Equity Firms.
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Hiring for this sector has been an amazing success to both our clients & talents. Our history covers recruiting engineering and non-engineering roles (Support functions, Maintenance, and Operations) across the Middle East & Africa regions for the following types of projects from the Consultant,
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